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Do you want to preform at Fiesta DC

Are you an emerging artist, dancer, singer, or part of a talented band? Fiesta DC invites you to showcase your skills and be part of our vibrant celebration of Latino culture!

At Fiesta DC, we value and support emerging talents, recognizing the importance of providing a platform for artists to shine and connect with a diverse audience. Whether you’re a solo performer, a dance group, a rising singer, or a talented band, we welcome you to share your passion and showcase your unique talents at our festival.

Join us as we celebrate the richness of Latino culture and create unforgettable experiences for festivalgoers. Show off your creativity, energy, and talent on our stage, and become a part of the exciting lineup of performers at Fiesta DC. This is your opportunity to gain exposure, connect with a supportive community, and make a lasting impact.

Fiesta DC is a perfect platform to launch your career and gain recognition in the music and entertainment industry. Our festival attracts a diverse audience, including music lovers, cultural enthusiasts, and industry professionals, providing you with valuable exposure and networking opportunities.

Whether you’re a seasoned performer looking to expand your fanbase or a talented newcomer eager to make your mark, Fiesta DC welcomes artists of all backgrounds and genres. We celebrate diversity and aim to provide a stage for artists to express their creativity and captivate audiences.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the excitement! If you’re an emerging talent ready to showcase your skills, we invite you to submit your application to perform at Fiesta DC. Share your passion, connect with fellow artists and festivalgoers, and be a part of the vibrant celebration that honors the Latino culture.

Join us at Fiesta DC and let your talent shine. We look forward to discovering and supporting the next generation of Latino artists, dancers, singers, and bands. Together, let’s create unforgettable moments and contribute to the rich tapestry of Latino culture at Fiesta DC!


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Address: Washington D.C.


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