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Parade Of Nations 2016 – Grand Marshall: Virgen De Los Migrantes

The Virgin of Migrants, is a replica of the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which was created by the plastic artist Eva Vale and was blessed by Pope Francis during his visit to the Basilica of Guadalupe, on February 13 after his visit. to Mexico.
Named “Virgin of Migrants”, it is an image dedicated to giving dignity and education to disadvantaged minorities in the northern country, with Latinos being the largest.

The artist created a piece a beautiful piece of 3 meters by 1.50 meters in the name of the migrants. The engraved and inked aluminum plate, where the cloak is built from a series of drawings representative of the process, both emotional and physical, that the migrants carry out.

Virgen de los Migrantes at the most recent visit of Pope Francis to Mexico

The piece has engraved on the train The Beast, the profile of her Holiness, Ellis Island, a trapezium series, imagery of the lottery, the coordinates of the Guadalupe Basilica and an endless number of loving messages and texts from the Bible.

The edge of the cloak is engraved with the Ave Maria, the Our Father, and the Gloria in Spanish, English, Latin, and Nahuatl, and the robe also has proper names written on it.